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Ticketing on intercity buses and non-automated remote bus stations

Ticket sales for buses running long-distance routes is carried out at automated motor-coach stations, but in many cases passengers get into buses at non-automated intermediary remote stations.

In case when a passengerboards a bus on its way the passenger pays to the driver directly, who doesn’t always inform supervisors at following stations and lays hand on the money. Moreover, information about the passengers boarded at that non-automated remote station isn’t always veracious. For resolving the problem of the ticket accounting we offer an effective decision – “Autoconductor — Ticketing”

Принцип работы системы

Special payment terminal can be connected to the system of motor-coach terminal management. This payment terminal may be installed in the interior of a bus for drivers to be able to sell it, as well as at non-automated bus stations. Payment terminal may be used as a mobile device for what a battery is installed additionally. After connecting to a motor-coach management system it imports the tariff schedule and the list of stations located on the route. In order to conduct single selling operation a passenger has to choose from the offered list of stations of departure and arrival and after this operation the terminal will suggest to make a purchase at the needed tariff schedule. The information about sold tickets is immediately transferred to the bus station, so that at the station there is always up-to-moment information about the quantity of sold tickets and free seats at any interval of the route.

In case when “Autoconductor — Passenger Flow” and “Autoconductor — Ticketing” are used jointly the effectiveness of the solution multiplies due to the simultaneous accounting of sales and factual quantity of passengers carried.