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Ticket selling and registering

Tickets selling and registering is the most important question for a carrier. The Sky Electronics Company offers “Autoconductor” system, which allows making the process of sailing and registering tickets comfortable and transparent.

Carriers conducting urban and short-distance routes usually don’t work with motor-coach stations and sell tickets right in buses with help of drivers and conductors. The principle problem in this case is registering tickets. “Autoconductor-Ticketing” makes it possible to organize control of sold tickets. In order to make it work special POS terminal is used, it’s equipped with:

  • Thermoprinter for printing tickets
  • Contactless card reader
  • GSM modem

POS terminal VEGA7000

POS terminal VEGA5000

Conductor or driver sell tickets using the terminal, which in its turn sends the information to a central server. The terminal receives from the central server information regarding tariff zones, which helps it to faultlessly determine the price for any interval of the route. Terminal may function in the mode of printing tickets as well as in the mode of registering forms with strict accountability.

By the end of a trip the terminal issues Z-report. Joined use of the “Autoconductor – Passenger flow control” and “Autoconductor — Ticketing” systems helps us to eliminate unaccounted tickets at once.

Tickets example